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What Can Indian Look Like?

Exploring Diverse Indian Identities

What Can Indian Look Like (Poster)

What Can Indian Look Like? is a series of two shows Exploring Diverse Indian Identities being presented on alternate days at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2023.

Join our creators, Natasha and Shaharah as they navigate diaspora, discrimination, and coming-of-age to find what Indian can mean and look like.

Natasha's Headshot

Natasha’s Note: 


"This is for all the people who feel like foreigners in their own country. To all the people who don't feel represented in their communities, I urge you to tell your stories. Here is mine."


Learn more about Natasha’s show, What Can Indian Look Like? Redefining Indian Identities.

Shaharah’s Note: 


"No matter your story, approach things with love.

It’s how we make new stories happen."


Learn more about Shaharah's show, What Can Indian Look Like? Can It Look Caribbean?


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