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What can Indian look like: Redefining Indian identities

by Natasha Advani Thangkhiew

What Can Indian Look Like? Redefining Indian Identities is the first of a two-part series exploring Natasha's mixed Sindhi-Khasi identity as she grows up in Mumbai, feeling like a foreigner in her own country. Voices from her life expose discrimination and exotification, forcing her to find her own version of Indian.

Natasha Headshot_edited.jpg

About Natasha

  • Pronouns: She/Her

  • Occupation: Multidisciplinary artist, producer & full time student 

  • MandateChampioning underrepresented storytellers and stories in Film, Theatre & Fashion.

  • Highlights: Within two years of  moving to Toronto from Mumbai as a full time Performance Creation student at York University, she produced three ACTRA short films, conceptualized a BIWOC skin acceptance campaign, and began establishing herself as a model and an actor, while maintaining a 8.7/9 GPA.

  • 2023 Goal: Deepen her knowledge of development and creative producing, and form a community by bringing What Can Indian Look Like? to theatres in North America.

Animations from the Toronto run of the show in May 2022

Keep up with Natasha through her Instagram or website.

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