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What can Indian look like:
CAN It look Caribbean?

by Shaharah Gaznabbi

What Can Indian Look Like? Can It Look Carribean? is Shaharah’s Guyanese take on Indian diaspora and finding culture after Caribbean colonisation, exploring the responsibilities of a first generation immigrant, often feeling the “wrong shade of brown."

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About Shaharah

  • Location: Based in Toronto, and grew up in Meadowvale Mississauga

  • Pronouns: They/Them

  • Guyanese-Canadian. First Generation Canadian.

  • Occupation: ACTRA Actor, Writer, Comedian, Facilitator, & Full-time Undergraduate Student

  • Mandate: Championing original work and working with artists (especially QBIPOC artists!) eager to share their underrepresented stories. 

  • Highlights: Shaharah graduated Second City Toronto’s Conservatory Program at the age of 19, and that same year performed in the “Best of” FRESH: New Comedians showcase as they were one of 10 comedians chosen amongst 70+ submissions. As a, now, 20 year old, Shaharah writes and performs with Asian infused sketch-comedy group Crunchy Tigers Comedy, and is continuing to pursue their BFA from York University in Playwriting & Devised Theatre. 

  • 2023 GoalPERFORM IN THE EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL!! As well, remount both iterations of “What Can Indian Look Like?” for a Toronto Audience in a Toronto Theatre!

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